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Tryout Info


When you register for our tryout there will be multiple teams from the USPHL looking to recruit players  in addition to Tier 2 and college coaches (see below our College Commitments from each year). This unique "showcase approach" with multiple teams for one low price is our way of maximizing your registration fee and exposure. This is without a doubt the most bang for your buck you will see at the Junior hockey level anywhere!

In 2020, Head Coaches and staff from these teams attended:

Chicago Cougars

Dells Ducks

Rochester Vipers

Fort Wayne Spacemen

Wisconsin Rapids Riverkings

NCDC team- Islanders Hockey Club

Various College Scouts and NAHL Scouts

Prospective Players- Join The List Below!

We have achieved 100% of players committing to college who are eligible in our four year's existence. Please register for tryouts on the right hand side of this page and become the next player to carry on our Cougars tradition and advance on this list.

Tryouts for 2020-21 season will become available in the Spring of 2020!

2020-21 Team Tryouts

Please register for the tryouts by clicking on the Tryout Registration link


Years Played Name Tier 1/Tier 2 College Pro
2019-20 Jozef Martancik Boston Advantage (NCDC)
2019-20 Sam Mudd St. Olaf College (NCAA D3)
2019-20 Donny Dickens Kent State University (ACHA)
2018-19 Jozef Martancik Shreveport (NAHL)
2018-19 Ian McCollum New Jersey Rockets (NCDC)
2018-19 Valentin Laporterie Corsaire de Nantes (France)
2017-19 Tristan Hillebert Chatham University (NCAA D3)
2017-19 Kurt LaPak Iowa State University (ACHA)
2018-19 Kevin Crawley Davenport University (ACHA)
2018-19 Parker Rutherford Robert Morris University (ACHA)
2018-19 Nick Podlesak Northern Illinois University (ACHA)
2018-19 Andrew Werniak Robert Morris University (ACHA)
2017-18 Conor Parker Finlandia (NCAA D3)
2017-18 Joey Marcuccilli Iowa State University (ACHA)
2017-18 Donnie Guskey Iowa State University (ACHA)
2017-18 Joe Bresingham Lindenwood University (ACHA)
2017-18 Conor Johnson Lewis University (ACHA)
2016-18 Zac Bishop Lewis University (ACHA)
2016-18 Adam Ryffel Adrian College (ACHA)
2017-18 Cory Schwarz Illinois State University (ACHA)
2016-18 Luke Martinovich Illinois State University (ACHA)
2017-18 Trent Bubanic IUPUI (ACHA)
2017-18 Jeremy Perreault Robert Morris (ACHA)
2017-18 Jackson Hicks University of Texas (ACHA)
2017-18 Kobe Goetz DePaul University (ACHA)
2017-18 Arlin Schell Neepwa (MJHL)
2017-18 Gleb Bandurkin Rochester (NCDC)
2016-18 Nate Madonia DePaul University (ACHA)
2016-18 Michael Helf DePaul University (ACHA)
2016-18 Brennen Gestrich Northern Michigan (ACHA)
2016-17 Andrew Farah Buffalo (OJHL)
2016-17 Billy Petersen Smiths Falls (CCHL)
2016-17 Virgil Delbrassine Liege Bulldogs (BeNeLiGa)
2016-17 Roy Aharonovich Neumann University (NCAA D3)
2016-17 Greg Mironovich Trine University (NCAA D3)
2016-17 Troy Ross Finlandia University (NCAA D3)
2016-17 Jon Moskaluk University of Illinois (ACHA)
2016-17 Mike Lenzi University of Illinois (ACHA)
2015-17 Henry Laukkanen University of Michigan-Dearborn (ACHA)
2016-17 Andrew Richter University of Illinois (ACHA)
2015-17 Andrew Van Dyke Illinois State University (ACHA)
2016-17 Mike Kavanagh Illinois State University (ACHA)
2015-17 Brennen Peters Bradley University (ACHA)
2015-17 Micah Hauke Liberty University (ACHA)
2016-17 Dylan Parshall Lewis University (ACHA)
2016-17 Bryan Follenweider St. Norbert College (ACHA)
2015-16 Jesper Lonnberg Helsingborgs HC (Sweden)
2015-16 Anthony Tzveyn Springfield (NAHL)/Hitmen(NCDC) Aurora University (NCAA D3)
2015-16 Ryan Hutchinson Topeka (NAHL)/Johnstown(NAHL)
2015-16 Jonathan Dagnal Amarillo (NAHL)
2015-16 Willy Doremus Janesville (NAHL)*Affiliate Player
2015-16 Ed Hirka Johnstown (NAHL) Salve Regina University (NCAA D3)
2015-16 Matt Letmanski Cumberland (CCHL)/Boston(NCDC) SUNY-Fredonia (NCAA D3)
2015-16 Gavin Nickerson SUNY-Fredonia (NCAA D3)
2015-16 Mike Sullivan Daniel Webster (NCAA D3)
2015-16 Hunter Schiffman Lindenwood University (ACHA)
2015-16 Michael Butera University of Illinois(ACHA)
2015-16 Nik Kropp Indiana University (ACHA)
2015-16 Nick Marcuccilli Lewis University (ACHA)
2015-16 Sam Trapp University of Colorado (ACHA)
2015-16 Max Barr University of Arkansas (ACHA)
2015-16 Michael Moore University of Arkansas (ACHA)