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FloSports Acquires HockeyTV


By Aman Bhogal - 10/05/2021

Over 30,000 Hockey Games Annually On HockeyTV From 75 North American Elite And Professional Leagues Added To Live Programming Offered By FloSports.

Acquisition Of HockeyTech’s Enterprise Solutions Including LeagueStat, A Hockey Industry Leader In Live Scoring And Real-Time Stats, Brings Powerful Sports Data And Other Business Services To FloSports.

AUSTIN, Texas (October 4, 2021) -FloSports, a leader in sports streaming and original content, today announced the acquisition of HockeyTech, a live and on-demand hockey streaming platform and sports data provider to teams, leagues and national organizations. The acquisition of HockeyTech includes all of the company’s assets including its entire media rights portfolio, live and on-demand streaming platform HockeyTV, and enterprise solutions such as LeagueStat. HockeyTV brings over 30,000 live hockey games across 75 North American elite and professional leagues to FloSports. HockeyTech’s enterprise solutions including LeagueStat and more deliver powerful sports data to FloSports as well as the company’s new and existing media partners. HockeyTech will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of FloSports.

HockeyTech is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario Canada and was founded in 2012 by Stu Siegel, technology entrepreneur and former Florida Panthers Managing Partner/CEO. The company is currently overseen by its President, Stewart Zimmel, who will continue to manage operations and will report to Kevin Boller, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development at FloSports. Stu Siegel will serve as a strategic advisor to FloSports and HockeyTech leadership and will become an investor in FloSports.

“The HockeyTech team and I are excited to join FloSports and bring our expertise in the sport of hockey to this impressive fast growing media company,” says Stu Siegel, Chairman and Founder of HockeyTech. “In addition to bringing HockeyTech, I am also investing in FloSports, and I am thrilled to participate as a FloSports shareholder.”

“HockeyTech and its suite of products are a perfect complement to FloSports and represents our commitment to deeper coverage of and investment into the sport of hockey to help bring this sport to new audiences worldwide,” says Mark Floreani, CEO and Co-Founder, FloSports. “Stu, Stewart and their team at HockeyTech will propel FloSports into one of the leading streaming platforms for passionate hockey fans. We welcome them to the FloSports family, and we’re excited about the future we can build together.”

HockeyTech operates HockeyTV, its live streaming platform for hockey that currently delivers over 30,000 live games to subscribers around the world. HockeyTV also has over 150,000 games available on-demand with thousands more added annually. HockeyTech’s LeagueStat technology is used by league officials to tabulate the official statistics at hockey games. In real time, those game stats immediately feed to league, team and media websites and mobile apps for fan consumption. The company also designs and maintains websites and mobile apps for customers that are tightly integrated with LeagueStat data. With the acquisition, FloSports clients include American Hockey League (AHL), ECHL, Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL), Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, Canadian Hockey League (CHL), United States Hockey League (USHL), and many more.

FloSports recently announced multi-year partnerships with the ECHL, a coast-to-coast league with 26 teams in 19 states and 2 Canadian provinces, as well as Atlantic Hockey and Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA), two NCAA Division 1 college athletic conferences. The acquisition of HockeyTech represents a significant programming commitment and technology investment into an underserved segment of one of the world’s most popular sports. Combined with FloSports’ current offering on its FloHockey platform, the company and its HockeyTech subsidiary will broadcast nearly 40,000 hockey games annually and deliver an enhanced live sports viewing experience driven by HockeyTech’s sports data.

About FloSports

Founded in 2006, FloSports is a subscription video streaming service dedicated to sports, offering live and on-demand access to hundreds of thousands of competition events across 25+ vertical sport categories in the US and abroad. FloSports’ vision is to give underserved sports the love they deserve. With a growing library of more than 300,000 hours of premium content including news, expert commentary, films, documentaries and more, FloSports has established itself as an innovator and leader in sports streaming. Finally, your sport has a home. For more information, please visit:

About HockeyTech

HockeyTech has been Digitally Powering Hockey since 2012. Founded by Stu Siegel, a technology entrepreneur, and former Florida Panthers (NHL) Managing Partner/CEO, HockeyTech has become a global leader in hockey-related technologies, partnering with over 75 leagues from around the world. HockeyTech provides on-demand streaming services, live scoring and statistics, full-featured league websites & mobile apps, and a fully automated camera technology. HockeyTech live streams tens of thousands of games annually on HockeyTV and offers over 150,000 games to watch on-demand.

About The USPHL

The United States Premier Hockey League of 2022-23 is the nation’s largest junior amateur ice hockey league and the only league to span the continental United States, from Maine to California, and from Florida to Washington State.

The USPHL includes over 100 organizations comprised of 11,000 players spanning the ages of 6 through 20, including Youth and Midget Division teams in the Tier 1 Hockey Federation.

Overall, across all its divisions, the USPHL see more than 3,100 alumni playing college hockey each year and more than 250 playing pro hockey, including in the NHL.

The league’s top level, the Tuition Free Tier II National Collegiate Development Conference, led all North American Tier II leagues with three players selected in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft and has seen more than 200 NCAA Division I commitments since its 2017 inception.

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