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USPHL Player of the Week: Bennett Pieters Shines in Net!

Bennett Pieters, Chicago Cougars, Goalie #35
Bennett Pieters | Chicago Cougars | Goalie #35

The Chicago Cougars' netminder, Bennett Pieters, has been named a USPHL Midwest Division's Player of the Week, and with his recent performances, it's clear why!

In the game against the Motor City Gamblers on Friday, October 6, 2023, Pieters was a brick wall in the crease. The Chicago Cougars secured a commanding 4-1 victory, thanks to his incredible saves. Pieters faced a barrage of 34 shots and managed to stop 33 of them, showcasing his remarkable skills and composure under pressure. He helped the team maintain a strong lead, allowing only one goal by the opposition.

Then, in the following game on Saturday, October 7, 2023, against the same Motor City Gamblers, Pieters once again proved his worth. The Cougars pulled off a thrilling 4-3 victory in overtime, and Pieters played a crucial role. He faced 30 shots and made 27 impressive saves, including key stops in overtime to secure the win.

Bennett Pieters guarding the net | Photo by Don Daly
Bennett Pieters guarding the net | Photo by Don Daly

These performances highlight Bennett Pieters' exceptional talent and resilience, making him a deserving choice for Player of the Week in the USPHL Midwest Division. As a starting goaltender for the Chicago Cougars, Pieters continues to be a pivotal figure in the team's success, with his remarkable shot-stopping abilities and consistent play.

Congratulations to Bennett Pieters on this well-deserved honor, and fans of the Chicago Cougars can rest assured that their net is in capable hands with him guarding the crease!

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